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“Music and Songwriting have been my passion for long as I can remember! I guess it is my way of expressing myself. I write songs about everyday life, about what I see in the world around me”.








“I am currently studying piano (Grade 5) with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Maybe someday I will become a piano Teacher! But for now I am happy out playing live music”.







My favourite gigs are weddings. I have always just loved being a part of such a beautiful occasion. There is something very magical about playing to a crowd of people who are there to celebrate true love!









“I write my songs mostly on Guitar/Piano. My favourite part of the Songwriting process is when I get to go into studio, where I get to extract what I hear in my head for you all to hear. At the moment my Music influences are Coldplay, Travis, and David Gray! I’m a sucker for a sad song!

I have a shop now section on my homepage  if you wanted to download my music and support me, that would be Great. Thanks in advance”!


Don’t forget, you can check out my music videos on YouTube.


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